Letter: Power brokers


Re: Who really holds the power? (Jan 12 issue of the Grand Forks Gazette)

I would like to first commend Gazette columnist Roy Ronaghan on his tireless efforts through the years, trying to provide needed information to the people of potential problems that exist. The suggestion that the independent power producers (IPPs) are necessary in order to provide the needed additional power to our province is total BS.

IPPs can only generate power during the spring run-off, as they are “run of the river” projects. This was used as an excuse in order to provide an opportunity for Campbell’s friends and others to make substantial profits from those projects.

There are surveys underway for a dam on the Columbia River at China Creek, more turbines at existing dams, that Duncan Dam is controlling massive amounts of water that generate nothing. It would be reasonable to put a generating station below as they did in Castlegar.

With tidal, solar and wind power, we have abundant power for many years to come. The sad part is that the IPPs will be generating some unneeded power for short periods but they will inflict massive damage to the river itself and the surrounding areas. At this rate we will not remain “the best place on Earth” for too long.

A few weeks ago at one of their meetings, the Liberals were trying to encourage more of the younger generation to get involved and I agree that this is long overdue. They should get on their computers and have careful reviews of the Liberals’ performance in the past years in these areas.

1. BC Rail

2. Ferries (why were they built in Europe instead of B.C.?)

3. New retractable roof. We have hundreds of millions for a roof but no money for schools or hospitals.

4. Share holders of IPPs

5. Check-out the website


Upon gathering this information, please share it with others.

Remember that saying, “The only way corrupt government can survive and prosper is when good men remain silent.” Speak up since apathy is our greatest enemy. Obviously, the younger generation is the best bet to save our province.

Gordon Planedin, Christina Lake