Letter: Poisoning the earth


In this era of blossoming high-tech intellect some of the simplest thorns need to be gently listed, sawed up, blended up and vaporized.

Obesity is plaguing masses. Chlorine inhibits the thyroid gland from proper metabolization leading to obesity. Common sense says it would be best to daily measure the E. coli count in water before ignorantly adding lethal chlorine to people’s drinking water. Uh, duh!

It appears that there is less and less honey produced in the valley. Something is killing off the bees. Has anybody tested the soil lately or people’s blood lately to see what toxic level of  pollutants Roxul is “wisely” forcing on us? How well does wool, fluffed, work as insulation?

Some places made it illegal for herbicides and pesticides to be sprayed into people’s environment. Guess what, people are living organisms and some people are aware enough to recognize the ignorance in poisoning our environment Are we?

Nadine Nevocschnoff, Grand Forks