LETTER: Of boars and deer


Re: Boars a problem at Christina Lake (March 16 issue of the Grand Forks Gazette)

Christina Lake it seems is now experiencing a problem which has, for several years, plagued the Lower Mainland in the woodlands above Haney and Mission.

Some years back, someone who felt that hunting of wild boars would be a tourist attraction, imported a few and constructed short towers that hunters could shoot from.

Some escaped and created problems for hikers.  Wild boars, once domesticated, are not necessarily a problem.

In Holland, some years back, I visited a park where bags of bread were sold so visitors could feed de-tusked wild boars, which would eat out of your hand. In the present situation, one solution I envision is encouraging the proliferation of bears and cougars, which would prefer pork-on-the hoof to garbage and domestic animals, I’m sure. This, of course, is an impractical solution.

A better idea is to turn the would-be deer slayers loose on the pigs – a much better food source than our underfed deer.

Peter Hlookoff, Grand Forks