Letter: No field in City Park


Once again the proposal for a rugby/soccer playing field in City Park has been brought before city council.

Many people, seniors as well as juniors, enjoy the relative peace and quiet that City Park provides.

Casual walkers, young mothers with strollers, dog walkers, families having reunions, picnickers, campers who are happy to get off the crowded highways and relax in pleasant surroundings and many other users would have their enjoyment disrupted or eliminated if plans for the playing fields go ahead.

There is no other comparable place in town where these people could shift their activities, whereas there are a number of locations which could be utilized for rugby/soccer.

Sports do not require a park-like setting.

There are the fields at the high school and at Hutton, which have been mentioned before, but I have not heard any mention of the school grounds at Perley.

This large area could easily provide two full playing fields without interfering with normal school usage and might cost less to develop.

I strongly urge the city council to explore other alternatives to City Park as a home for playing fields. The placement in parks may work in other cities but it is probable that they have been situated so as not to conflict with every other use.

B. Hardwicke, Grand Forks