LETTER: More chem trial queries


On Friday, May 13, I looked up to the sky out of my kitchen window and saw something rather unusual.

I saw several aircraft crossing the sky in different directions leaving white fuzzy trails behind them – people call them “chem trails.”

I have seen them before but never in such numbers – at one time I counted 11 of them.

The airplanes were making different figures and shapes in the sky and this activity lasted for several hours. This picture was a disturbing one to me as it made me believe that whatever that white substance was, it can be harmful for us, harmful for our health, otherwise it wouldn’t be so difficult to get an answer regarding the nature of those flights.

We are breathing in and out and with every breath, we inhale some sort of particles that go in to our lungs. It can’t be good for my health or yours.

My questions are:  What is the substance that those planes leave behind? Where do the planes come from? What for? Who do I get a truthful answer from?

Natasha Soroka, Grand Forks