LETTER: HST a disgraceful ripoff

The HST is a tool to reduce the tax burden on big business.


The HST is a tool to reduce the tax burden on big business.

To my way of thinking this means, if the tax man requires say $100, big business contributes $50 and the wage earners contribute $50, the tax burden is satisfied.

With HST, big business part is reduced to say $25, and the wage earner share remains the same at $50, who is going to make up the other $25?

Guess who? It sure looks like a tax increase is coming our way. The government says it will be made up by increasing the number of items being taxed; items required by people to feed and maintain their families.

In other words, the government will be taking the food out of the mouths of children and giving it to big business to fatten the already atrocious income of industry.

It’s strange the high wages and perks received by the top executives are never mentioned as a problem for big business, only the working person’s wages, and now our pensions are under attack.

It’s said that the HST will increase employment but it doesn’t matter how much you produce, or how efficient it is produced, if your customers don’t have the income needed to buy the necessities of life, and are unable to afford anything else, there will be no customers and the company will go broke or will have to go back to the government to ask for more handouts or tax breaks – again, at the taxpayer’s expense.

The government said they would bring in the HST. THEY LIED.

The way the wording is on the HST ballot sounds like the smooth talk of a con man and makes me feel like I should grab my wallet and run while I still have a chance.

How much of our money is the government spending on advertisement for the HST, which they said they wouldn’t bring in?

How can this government be trusted? I for one say get rid of the HST. It looks like one big disgraceful ripoff.

D. Mclean, Grand Forks