Letter – Honey bee day ironic

Letter to the editor from the June 11, 2014 Grand Forks Gazette.

Editor, The Gazette:

I find it an irony that the B.C. government is proclaiming a B.C. honey bee day, despite the lobbying for genetically modified apples and Roundup-ready alfalfa, and despite the severe and perverse herbicides doused on the roadsides (Tordon K22, good for 10 years of soil destruction).

I find it ironic that Monsanto has a bee centre open in North Carolina, publishes a children’s bee book (in which, yes, the bees are in trouble, but that can be fixed by guess who); and that our Roundup councillor put forward a motion in that same direction, honouring the bees. Very strange, all, but thanks for the effort. Angelica Herlihy,

Grand Forks