Letter: Here’s to us moving forward

Thank you council for your leadership in this direction, writes Ian Mitchell.

I’m writing to express my appreciation of Grand Forks City Council’s decision to re-assert its commitment to the universal water metering project.

This issue has been too divisive for too long for our fair city and it seems the majority of the citizenry and the majority of council are in agreement that it is time to move on.

I am heartened by some of the comments made by Mayor Konrad, whose campaign centered on his opposition to the project but also on his determination to listen to the will of the citizens of Grand Forks. He seems to have recognized the fatigue this city is feeling with this issue and expressed some desire at the most recent council meeting to cease some of the bickering around the project and listen to what the community as a whole is saying.

It bears mentioning that those who support this course of action are not insensitive to the concerns of those who oppose this project. I know that this community will continue to support a fair and open process for this project moving forward as well. I hope we can continue to share accurate information with each other about these meters as doing so will certainly calm the fears some have.

Moving forward we will need to support council to develop a rate structure which reflects the values our community holds and doesn’t overly impact people who use water for gardening or families on fixed incomes.

So here’s to us moving forward in the usual Grand Forks manner: in a spirit of friendly cooperation rather than division and fear. Thank you council for your leadership in this direction.

Ian Mitchell, Grand Forks