Letter: Grant will ‘rescue’ cabin

I would like to acknowledge the $500 grant-in-aid the Friends of the Bonanza Recreation Area (FBRA) recently received from Grace McGregor.

I would like to publicly acknowledge the $500 grant-in-aid that the Friends of the Bonanza Recreation Area (FBRA) recently received from the Area C director of the RDKB, Grace McGregor.

An equal grant-in-aid has been received from the Area B director, Linda Worley.

This money will be put toward the rescue of the well-known Gordon Keir Cabin that has been used as a day use cabin for the protection and safety of the many users of the Bonanza Recreation Area for many years. All of the restoration work will be done by a very active group of volunteer outdoor enthusiasts.

I would also like to say that I attended the information meeting and public hearing on Feb. 16 at the Christina Lake Community Hall regarding a proposed senior’s housing project. Since that date, I have been reading letters and articles in the Grand Forks Gazette written by opponents of this project. I think some of these opponents are using inaccurate and fabricated facts in their arguments against this much-needed project and the public process that is legally required for it to go forward.

I believe that Area C director, Grace McGregor, handled both the meeting and hearing with concern, respect and fairness for the opinions of both the proponents and the opponents of this project.

– Paul Beattie, Christina Lake