Letter: Geese make mess of parks and beaches

With all the problems this community seems to have lately, I believe there is another problem brewing, writes Cal Smuland.

With all the problems this community seems to have lately (deer cull, water meters, CAO salaries, etc) I believe there is another problem brewing.

It is nice to see a couple of geese in City Park but last week I counted 27 geese. There are now three generations, mostly this year’s crop. Like the deer that have three or four generations that don’t know what wild is, I believe it is a potential problem that should be addressed now.

What they leave on the ground is not only ugly, it is slipper and dangerous.

Recently at the Relay For Life, I overheard one lady tell her two children, “You can’t play on the grass because you will slip on the goose poop.”

Last week I was talking to a family from Saskatchewan at the restaurant. They had planned on camping a couple of days but because of the goose poop (which they had plenty of back home), they were moving on.

Years ago, Kelowna had a goose problem. They did not address it until the tourists quit coming. We should do something while we still have tourists and before someone slips, falls and sues the city for damage.

This is my opinion.

– Cal Smuland, Grand Forks