LETTER: Discussing day care dilemma II

Selecting a child care provider is an important decision for parents.


Selecting a child care provider is an important decision for parents.  Factors such as safety, scheduling, budget and compatible values with the care provider influence choices parents make when considering options.

It is good to have a wide variety of options available, as one size does not fit all.  Families differ in their need for structure, flexibility and hours required.

A perfect fit for one family may be a disaster for another. However, one thing in common for all families is the requirement that all child care situations are safe.

Organizations that support early childhood educators and child care providers offer evidence-based guidelines so that they can offer developmentally appropriate and safe environments.

There are maximums in age groupings and number of children attending child care in someone’s home where a license is not required.

There is a process in place to address unusual needs and circumstances to allow for exemptions to regulations.

Parents and care providers may not understand the ramifications and risks of having their children in care where minimums may not be met due to lack of awareness.

The person providing care is not covered nor the children that they care for by any existing insurance when they operate outside the laws of B.C

Thankfully, we have a supportive network in town for parents, care providers and service providers of young children and families.

We offer resources and education for providing top-notch care for children.  We share new educational and developmental play ideas as well as the joys and challenges of providing quality care. Regular care provider networking opportunities are offered by the BCCRR, BFISS and the Boundary Early Years Committee, which is comprised of many individual care and service providers.

Affordable, universally available and developmentally appropriate child care for all children and families should be a given in Canada.  We encourage anyone providing care, registered or not to join us, it is free. Together we can advocate and create a system that recognizes the wide range of needs of individual children and families.

Fatima Faria, Executive Director, Sunshine Valley Child Care Society