Letter: Councillors wrecking town

Councillor Butler is the only real voice of the people, writes Patrick Lewis.

I second the vote of non-confidence in the five members of city council. I really don’t know what they think they are doing, but it’s not doing Grand Forks any good. They are wrecking this town.

I support Councillor Butler. She is the only real voice of the people, as far as I’m concerned.

We as taxpayers will now have to pay for the Supreme Court legal action that will come up from their attempt to get rid of Councillor Butler. She hasn’t done anything wrong, has even given up her yard business to be 100 per cent in the clear, but for some reason council still is proceeding.

What a tremendous waste. But then again, they seem to be good at waste, considering the $192,000 they handed over to CAO Doug Allin. Nice tip, eh!

And then there’s something strange and very concerning going on in the background… on the video of the last city council meeting the morning of June 15, on gftv.ca, you can see the former mayor, seated in the back row, signaling, by drawing his finger across his neck, to one of the current council members, possibly meaning to “cut off’ one of the public that was addressing the council.

There was also a motion in council that day to get more input from residents about how to proceed with water meters. If you saw the ad in the paper last week that is supposed to come from the motion, it is not the same at all. It was changed. Who was behind this? And why? Shouldn’t council be concerned that their motion wording was taken and altered to mean something else?

What is really happening in this town? Who is really running things? What is wrong with this picture? I think we have a council completely out of control. They don’t have to report to anyone, and this needs to change, someone needs to keep them in line. We can’t just have them doing anything they want all the time.

It’s gotten ridiculous.

– Patrick Lewis, Grand Forks