Letter: Councillor deserves support

What’s happening with Grand Forks council is very disturbing, writes Cecil Konkin.

The latest fiasco from five of our city councilors is their attempt to get rid of Councilor Julia Butler on what I believe is a ridiculous allegation of conflict of interest. I don’t understand how they think they can get away with this, as neither I nor anyone else I have spoken to can see any conflict of interest whatsoever. It’s laughable. They are trying to drum her out on some trumped-up charges. She previously operated a yard maintenance business. How was that even a conflict?

By trying to oust her, they are really showing their hand … in my opinion, indicators are that those five appear to have some sort of hidden agenda.

Ms. Butler was properly elected by a rather large portion of the public vote, and has done nothing but honour us by doing her best in representing the majority of residents of this community. In my opinion she is doing a great job. Why are the other councilors trying to oust her? Is she some sort of threat to them?

Oh, don’t forget … it was an “in camera” (this means in private) council decision. These “in camera” meetings of these councilors are ridiculous, and very suspicious. They are supposed to be acting in the “best interest” of the community. How does all this secrecy benefit the community, when we don’t even know what’s going on?

Do you feel comfortable with a council that won’t tell you what is going on? Who is able to trust a council that does things behind closed doors and won’t let anyone know what happened until they are forced to reveal it by official Freedom of Information requests? I believe the majority of Grand Forks residents were always against the water meter program the former council implemented.

Councilor Butler should not be penalized in any way for supporting the majority of residents on this or any other issue. In my opinion, she is a voice of the majority, and the other council members are trying to squash that voice. Why?

Rather than try to oust somebody, don’t you think it’s time for council to work things out instead of picking on one another?

What’s happening with Grand Forks council is very disturbing! Come on! Let’s get back on track, after all we have a beautiful city to live in.

Julia, you have our support and our thanks!

Cecil Konkin, Grand Forks