DEC. 26 LETTER: Leave the yellow bags

If you come across a motor vehicle accident, look for yellow tape or a yellow bag.


If you come across a motor vehicle accident, especially a vehicle over the bank, check to see if there is any yellow tape on the vehicle or a large yellow bag attached to the car or even filled with snow or rocks on the side of the road by the vehicle.

The use of these yellow bags is something used by all Emergency Services personnel and it indicates that the vehicle has been checked.

The Christina Lake Fire Department has responded to numerous calls up on the Paulson summit this winter, many of which were cases where the car had already been checked and the occupants long gone.

When a call comes into the fire dispatch centre in Trail and we are unsure of where it may exactly be, fire personnel from Rossland/Trail and the Lake are all dispatched, in addition to police and ambulance personnel.

Seeing the yellow bag beside an accident scene saves calls and long hazardous travel for emergency personnel.

Of course if in doubt, always call.

Ken Gresley-Jones, Christina Lake fire chief