Town hall meeting held at Christina Lake

McGregor said the success on the weekend of the Winterfest is proof of how engaging the community is.

Christina Lake has long been a great place to visit and a wonderful place to live but townsfolk have a keen eye on the future.

That was one of the messages to come out of Monday’s town hall meeting at the community hall. The meeting was put on by regional district of the Kootenay Boundary (RDKB) electoral area C/Christina Lake and was chaired by director and board chair Grace McGregor.

“It went very well,” said McGregor. “It was very interactive. The presentation from the regional district went very well.”

After the presentation from RDKB CAO John MacLean, Cavan Gates gave a presentation on the state of the Christina Lake Gateway project. Gates is the manager of special projects from the Christina Gateway Community Development Association and is taking over from Sandy Mark as community coordinator for the Lake. Gates also talked about venture capitalism in the area.

“It was a really, really good town hall meeting, I think,” said McGregor. “People of Christina Lake are amazing people—it’s that simple. They know it takes money to do anything. They know that the community is doing more than most communities are doing for the size.”

McGregor said the success on the weekend of the Winterfest is proof of how engaging the community is.

“Families came out for Winterfest; people are coming out for Homecoming,” she said. “We’re doing amazing things at the Lake. People know it and they’re supportive of it.”

McGregor said the presentations gave an overview of all the recent programs being run at Christina Lake and all their successes. She said they also discussed venture capitalism that is coming down the road.

“We’ll be having more, smaller meetings on venture capitalism and whether you want to invest in your community and how you can do that once we pick a project,” she said. “We also talked about seniors’ housing and how important that whole picture is going to be for our future and doing it right—the way the community wants it to be done.”

McGregor said the success of the Gateway project and how well it’s been received was also discussed.

“Overall we’ve got so much going on and it’s a lively, lively place,” she said. “It’s all volunteers.”