SD51 superintendent’s report shows student achievment

SD51 Superintendent Michael Strukoff is working to complete his report and it shows a six-year completion rate of 94 per cent.

School District 51 (SD51) Superintendent of Schools Michael Strukoff is working to complete his report on this year’s achievements and addressing issues in the school district.

The purpose of the report is to provide information to the public that will facilitate future planning for student development and achievement. The report includes data on student achievement within the school district, instruments used, and provincial and local measures.

Strukoff pointed out there were some challenges and missing pieces of data this year due to some complications and teacher job action last March. However, he did explain there have been improvements this year as well

“Our six-year completion rate (of graduating students) is at 94 per cent and our Aboriginal completion 93 per cent and our FSA results for the Grade 4 and 7 levels in all categories are above the provincial average,” said Strukoff. “Unfortunately, the challenges that we’ve had is a concern we have around graduating students, who are performing under 60 per cent in a lot of provincial exams for English, math, sciences and social studies.”

In his report, Strukoff also explained there is a situation where girls continue to score better than boys, though when looking at elementary numeracy results, the boys are faring better.

SD51 board chair Teresa Rezansoff was pleased by this year’s results.

“I really liked that it was noted that it was eight students who didn’t graduate and two students were Aboriginals,” she said. “I know our numbers are small, but that’s amazing.”

Strukoff pointed out the district’s Aboriginal programs are doing really well.

“What’s very interesting is the focus (the Ministry of Education) have on our Aboriginal education programs,” Strukoff said.

Other programs SD51 has become involved in or initiated over this year includes a Roots of Empathy program that helps students cope better with anxiety, the Academy of Learning in Math and Reading as an online learning system targeting identified learners, and the renewal of the Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement.

The report can be found on SD51’s website early next year.