I love our community and want to see it grow to it’s fullest potential.

Teresa Taylor

I love our community and want to see it grow to it’s fullest potential.

This is what drives me. I hold a Bachelor of Social Work, with a focus on community development, social management and policy.

I have worked with Community Futures Boundary for the last three years, designing and producing programs for rural entrepreneurs.

Area D represents a significant population base that both uses city resources and depends upon the city’s prosperity. Through collaboration and focus, we can give a voice to Area D and influence city decision making.

The challenges we face now will impact us into the future. To sustain our community and enhance its growth, we must satisfy the needs of today as well as generations to come.

Attraction and retention of residents requires quality of life. This means clean air and water, nourishing food and affordable housing. We also require access to health care and education. Furthermore, we thrive with a vibrant and visible arts community.

When a community’s employment sector is based on a limited number of opportunities, it creates dependency.

Diversification is key to alleviating the risks associated with this reliance. People want gainful and meaningful employment.

Opportunities available in our region include local food production, co-operative agriculture, agri-tourism, value-added production, senior services, health care and education.

We must push the Boundary region with continued promotion of tourism related industries, downtown revitalization, creation of an outdoor event venue, supporting a community event planner and continued recreational and commuter trail development.

On Nov. 19, remember to vote.

Together we can grow the Boundary! Comments and questions? Visit teresataylor.ca