POLICE REPORT: Missing man last seen in Grand Forks

A missing man was last seen in Grand Forks heading to Nelson.

Randy James Neilson was reported missing on Nov. 8

Missing Person

Randy James Neilson from Vancouver was reported missing on Nov. 8.

Neilson was last seen in Grand Forks on Oct. 1, in a back alley near Market Avenue. On Oct. 8, another possible sighting placed Neilson on Hwy. 3 east of Grand Forks.

“Since that time he has not been seen,” stated Grand Forks RCMP Staff Sgt. Jim Harrison. “He was last seen hitchhiking out of town.”

Investigation by Grand Forks RCMP revealed that Neilson’s presence was “transient” in nature, as he was hitchhiking en route to Nelson to meet a friend. It was noted that Neilson frequently uses hitchhiking as a mode of transportation.

“Our information was that he had told somebody he was going to Nelson but he hasn’t been seen since that time and is still considered a missing person,” said Harrison.

Neilson is described as six feet, two inches tall, weighing 185 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a trench coat and golf-style cap.

If you have any information relating to Randy James Neilson, please contact local RCMP. To reach the Grand Forks RCMP, call 250-442-8288.

Guns stolen during break-in

On Nov. 7 at 4:37 p.m., a break-in was reported at a residence located on the 1900 block of North Fork Road.

According to Harrison, several shotguns and rifles have been stolen.

“(This) is a concern to police,” he said. “They were in a proper gun storage case, but the whole case was taken.”

Also taken was a woman’s 1996 Sprint Harley Davidson collectors bike which was black with white pinstriping and a couple of weed eaters.

“The last time they were on the property was two or three weeks ago, so anytime prior to them reporting the theft is when the theft may have happened,” said Harrison. “At this point we have no suspects and we’re still continuing with the investigation. Anybody with information should call the police.”

Winter driving

Two occupants may have possible head injuries after their car swerved into a pole near 2nd Street Bridge on Nov. 11.

According to Harrison, speed and weather conditions are main issues for the increased amount of accidents.

“People need to slow down when the snow falls,” stated Harrison.

“We have a disproportionate number of accidents at the start of the season. When we get further into the season, even though it’s uglier weather, we get less because people decide to adjust their driving,” he added.

For more information on driving safely during winter, visit the Drive B.C. website for tips.