New Grand Forks city council sworn in

The new city council for Grand Forks made its first appearance to the public at its inaugural meeting Monday (Dec. 5).

Gospel Chapel Senior Pastor Henry Klassen (right) addresses the new council for the City of Grand Forks.

The new city council for Grand Forks made its first appearance to the public at its inaugural meeting Monday (Dec. 5).

Mayor Brian Taylor and Councillors Bob Kendel, Neil Krog, Patrick O’Doherty, Gary Smith, Michael Wirischagin and Cher Wyers all took their oaths and took care of some city-related business as well.

Council appointed Taylor as the city’s representative to both the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital District and the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKB) board and while it appeared Coun. Krog would be selected as an alternate, Coun. Wyers ended up being chosen.

Coun. Wirischagin raised the question during discussion on whether someone else would want to act as the alternate.

“Mr. Mayor, I’m assuming that this is your recommendation but I’m curious to know if there would be somebody else who might be interested in being alternate,” Wirischagin said.

“I absolutely approve of you being a representative of the City of Grand Forks but I would like to know if there is someone else at this table that would like to be an alternate,” at which time Wyers stated that she would be interested.

After consulting with Lynne Burch, city chief administrative officer, Taylor said that there would be an election for the alternate.

Taylor was first approved as city representative for the hospital and regional district and a motion for Wyers was put forward by Wirischagin and seconded by Coun. Smith. Both Wyers and Krog discussed why they thought they were suitable for the role.

“I have extreme interest in continuing for a second term and broadening my opportunities to represent the City of Grand Forks at the regional district level,” Wyers explained.

“I would obviously speak against the motion,” Krog said.

“I believe that my experience at the regional district has been proven for numerous years, seven or eight years.”

Krog said that he has an understanding of how the regional district functions.

Wirischagin spoke in favour of Wyers.

“I speak in favour of Coun. Wyers being the alternate. She’s been here the past three years, she’s seen the subject matter,” Wirischagin opined.

“By no means am I disregarding (Krog’s) experience because I think you’ve done a lot but I think she’s more familiar with the subject matter than possibly you are at this given time.”

The motion carried by a vote of five to one.

In other council-related news, appointments for acting mayor for the next year were assigned, 2011 Chief Electoral Officer Diane Heinrich’s report on the past election was received and the meeting schedule for the coming year was adopted.

Former council members Joy Davies, Chris Moslin and Christine Thompson (Gene Robert was not present) were presented with plaques in recognition for their service.