Johnny’s Motel in TripAdvsior’s Top 25

Owners Clive and Nicky Robinson are very pleased with their ranking and say they have worked very hard for it.

Nicky and Clive Robinson relax at the back of Johnny's Motel

For the second year in a row, Johnny’s Motel in Grand Forks has finished in the top 25 among bargain hotels in Canada in’s rankings.

Owners Clive and Nicky Robinson, who have owned Johnny’s for just over 10 years, are very pleased with their ranking and say they have worked very hard for it.

“This is our second year of being in the top 25,” said Clive. “That’s TripAdvisor’s top one per cent. As regards to accommodation, they’re the world’s number one source of information.”

Clive said that the B.C. Approved Accommodation Guide, which used to feature all the accommodations in the province, no longer inspects all the properties but instead relies on

“It’s damned hard work but really good for business,” he said. “That’s top 25 of budget motels in the country.”

Clive said the rankings are determined by customer reviews.

“It comes down to your guest reviews,” he said, “and the feedback you get from your guests. It’s empowering for the guests at the end of the day. It’s good. The guests have much more power.”

Listening to the needs of the guests is key, he added.

Clive said the popularity of the Internet and social media has really changed how people look into booking accommodations.

“Gone are the days when you would just drive around town looking for a motel that didn’t look too scary,” he said. “Nowadays, people have all the information in their pockets. The market has really turned on its head in the last two years.”