Horse shot and killed with .22

The mare was found in the driveway alive but unable to get up.

A horse was shot and killed with a small caliber rifle in the Brown Creek area of the North Fork on Sept. 22.

The 22-year-old mare had apparently got out of its owner’s yard. The owner, who didn’t want to be identified, said on Facebook that the mare was found in the driveway alive but unable to get up.

Conservation officer (CO) Dave Webster attended the scene. “CO service was called to the premise (saying) that their horse had been shot,” said Webster. “The animal did appear to have a bullet wound in it. I was able to determine that it appeared to be a very small caliber bullet; potentially a .22.”

Webster said he thought it was very unlikely that it was either a case of mistaken identity or a hunting accident.

“The wound was not consistent with a hunting caliber bullet strike,” he said.

Webster wouldn’t say if he thought it could be a targeted act. He said they have no suspects and no further leads.

“If any other information comes to light we’d look at it,” he said. “The RCMP have been notified as well.”

Cpl. Richard Lanz confirmed that Grand Forks RCMP are also investigating in conjunction with the CO service.