Guess Carlson’s run time and support Daffodil Campaign too

Predict his official time in the Vancouver Sun Run and you could win!

Graeme Carlson

Graeme Carlson is serious about raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil Campaign but he’s making it fun for his supporters.

Carlson is running in the Vancouver Sun Run on Sunday, April 17. “Try to predict my official finishing time and win!” he said.

The price to play is $2 per time slot and the time slots are in 10 second ranges.

Money will be paid out based on the official time recorded by the Sun Run, and will be paid out by April 22. The total money taken in will be divided in half, with half going to the Daffodil Campaign and half going to the owner of the winning time slot.

Time slots will be sold until 6 p.m. Friday, April 15 at Pharmasave Grand Forks. Although Carlson is owner of Pharmasave, the pool is not associated with Pharmasave in any way other than to support the Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil Campaign.

“Your generosity and participation is much appreciated,” Carlson added. “Thank you.”