Current Grand Forks city council meets for last time

Mining, imperial-metric conversion and the heritage advisory design panel were discussed at current city council's last meeting.

The current city council met for the last time on Monday night at city hall.

With the elections taking place the Saturday previous and the new city council set to be sworn in on Dec. 5, it was current council’s last meeting on Monday (Nov. 21).

And as such, there weren’t any major motions passed or debated.

The city received correspondence from the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources seeking input on mineral exploration applications by Roxul Inc. and Apex Geoscience Ltd. for Grizzly Discoveries Inc.

The ministry advised the city that Roxul Inc. wanted to do exploratory drilling in its Winner rock quarry in the Phoenix area, near Hwy 3 and off of Lone Star Road while Apex Geoscience Ltd. also sought to drill in the Phoenix area near Athelston Hartford Road, off of Hwy 3.

The ministry was seeking input on whether either would affect the city. Council accepted both reports and said that it wouldn’t affect city interests at this point.

Outgoing Coun. Chris Moslin was in favour of accepting the reports but had some reservations.

“For some reason in our community, despite our heritage as miners, there is a huge, significant backlash  against mining,” Moslin said.

“I support the motion, I think that council is correct to say, ‘Yes, it won’t have anything to do with us.’ I do note that both applications are jumping through the hoops required of them.”

Council also passed a zoning amendment bylaw (1927), which sought to correct an error that occurred as a result of an imperial to metric system conversion.

The change would see the correction applied to Section 50(2) (b) CU (community use) from 10 metres to 12.2 metres in reference to the measurement of 40 feet.

First, second and third reading was given to Bylaw 1929, a recommendation from the Heritage Report review team that would see the establishment of a heritage advisory design panel.

The role of the panel would be to receive, review, advise and make recommendations to council on development permit applications made in downtown or the heritage corridor.