Allen Piche in court on Sept. 10, Tim LaFreniere on trail starting Aug. 21

Piche is awaiting sentencing for production of controlled substances and LaFreniere is awaiting trial for aggravated assault.

Allen Piche, a.k.a. The Bear Dude, is currently awaiting sentencing for the production of controlled substances and possession for purposes of trafficking.

Piche was in court for remand on July 17, but a decision will not be made until Monday, Sept. 10. A remand is a decision that can push the case to another date.

Piche was recently fined $6,900 for feeding dangerous wildlife but won’t face jail time for those charges.

Under the Wildlife Act, Piche could’ve face a maximum penalty of $100,000 in fines and a year in jail.

He was originally charged in August 2010, when human-fed habituated bears were discovered on his property during an RCMP investigation related to a marijuana grow operation.

In 2011, he pleaded guilty to feeding over 20 black bears on his property at Christina Lake in the 2010 case.

Another investigation conducted last summer found that Piche was still feeding bears and he was charged again with the same offences.


Tim LaFreniere will be in Kelowna for a three-day trial starting on Tuesday, Aug. 21.

LaFreniere is charged with aggravated assault after a fight that occurred at the “Moto” party spot (east of Grand Forks) on May 13.