Liabilities of a rapacious industry

Although climate change is a reality, our reliance on it to shrug off certain environmental changes is often overdone.

  • Oct 19th, 2017

LETTER: Scientific consensus favours human-caused warming

Sierra Club B.C. campaigner responds to Tom Fletcher column

  • Oct 5th, 2017

LETTER: Be proactive, support Whispers

We were disappointed to hear about the Whispers of Hope controversy, write Bob and Trisha Purdy

  • Sep 20th, 2017

Former faller says wildfire response mismanaged

The initial firefighters should be loggers and first responders living in the same area as the fire

  • Sep 2nd, 2017

Speed and weed aren’t helping ICBC

Readers call for electronic enforcement, car insurance competition

  • Aug 31st, 2017

Killing bears, one way or another

B.C. hunters speak out about grizzly hunt, wildlife management

  • Aug 23rd, 2017
Deaths at local arena are an 'awakening': Resident
  • 16 hours ago


BC Storm: Rain causes flooding in Metro Vancouver, turns to snow in Whistler


    Tearful Trudeau: Canada 'less as a country without Gord Downie'


      Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie dead at 53


        Letter: Why is Whispers being blamed?

        A Whispers of Hope volunteer weighs in.

        • Aug 18th, 2017

        LETTER: Reconsider closing Whispers

        The Elders of Gospel Chapel weigh in on Whispers of Hope.

        • Aug 18th, 2017

        Letter: Why are councillors “joined at the hip?”

        Reader John Burch asks why councillors are supporting a “dysfunctional” chamber.

        • Jun 1st, 2017

        Letter: Enough is enough at the council table

        Reader Dave Milton said he is tired of the antics of some Grand Forks city councillors.

        • Jun 1st, 2017

        Letter: Bringing down the wall between viewer and creator at gallery 2

        Reader Christy Luke of Christina Lake recommends the new exhibit of Syrian art at gallery 2.

        Letter: The Grand Forks Cadets need you

        The Grand Forks Cadets badly need a new leader, writes Major Kevin Debiasio.

        LETTER: Item was not for information

        Reader Stan Halluk recommends the city undertake a review

        LETTER: Tax increase is an outrage

        Reader Sonja Gartner said the increase to the tax rate is unacceptable.

        LETTER: Habitat needs our help

        Reader Ray Hanson argues that Habitat for Humanity needs community help to start a new chapter.

        LETTER: Demanding an explanation

        Reader Dave Milton writes that city residents deserve an explanation of what Chris Hammett meant in her councillor's report.

        LETTER: Cannabis makes a difference

        People don't want the side effects of heavy pain medication drugs, a reader writes. Cannabis makes sense.

        Letter: Help save the Wilgress Lake Family Day weekend fishing derby

        We are currently looking for someone to save this great event, writes Jean Lloyd.

        Letter: Watch for deer, tires

        The takeaway here is you never know what you’ll encounter on the highway, write the Millars.

        LETTERS: On oil tankers, fuel barges and cruise ships

        Readers from Bella Bella to Victoria respond to Tom Fletcher's column on reaction to the sinking of a tugboat on B.C.'s Central Coast

        • Oct 25th, 2016