Learn the ukulele

The Kettle River Summer Festival will feature ukulele lessons from local music teacher Joan Thompson.

With summer upon us and thoughts turning to sun, fun and frivolity, take the chance learn an instrument perfect for the clan’s campfires at the lake.

The Kettle River Summer Festival has just the ticket for you.

The Grand Forks Choral Society, in conjunction with The Sopranos & Co., will be offering a class entitled Ukes for You, during the festival for those music enthusiasts who would like to learn the basics of this charming, portable, easy-to-learn and inexpensive instrument.

Taught by local music teacher Joan Thompson, classes will be devoted to learning basic chords, strumming and picking techniques for the ukulele and an array of traditional and contemporary songs perfect for the campfire gathering.

Classes will be held week of Aug. 8 to 12, 9:30 to 11 a.m. in Studio A (new music studio in refurbished Gazette Building at 7330 2nd St.), and will cost $65. That also includes a 25-page songbook.

Participants may bring their own ukuleles, or purchase them from the instructor for $35.00.

Minimum age for participants is 10 years old, so it’s a great chance for whole family to get involved!

To pre-register for the class, please call or email Nanci Gillmor at 250-442-3935 or bgillmor@gmail.com.  Warm up your vocal cords, everyone – this is going to be fun.