Gallery 2 seeking to add to its numbers

Gallery 2 is currently having a membership drive. They’re looking for new members, as well as old members who have lapsed in attendance over the years, says Ted Fogg, museum curator.

He says it’s been a long time since they’ve done a membership drive in which they were going out and asking people whether they want to join again.

“Especially as we’re moving into the new heritage exhibitions and stuff like that, I think there will be more people supporting that as well, so we’re letting them know about it,” Fogg says.

He says it’s important that the gallery have members, because it helps to show support by the community and helps the gallery to function.

“Basically we fund a lot of our activities and programming through our membership fees and our memberships, so we’re just hoping to build up our membership more and get those who have been members in the past to renew and try to build up our membership,” he says. He adds that the provincial and federal governments, for grant funding purposes, like to see that they do

have an active and large membership.

“Currently we have about 325 active members, and so for a community of about 4,000 that’s a very high percentage of membership per capita, compared to a lot of places,” he says. “So we do have good support.” Some of the benefits of being a member are 10 per cent off at the gift shop, newsletters and invitations to exhibitions throughout the year, discounted tickets to concerts and events at the museum, including wine tasting, and reciprocal benefits with participating organizations.

Fogg says that they initiated the reciprocal benefits program with other galleries and museums across B.C. and Canada. “They have their own benefits that they give, some of it is free admission, some of it is a percentage off in their gift shop,” he says. “So by being a member of our gallery, you get the same benefits that their members get as well in their own galleries.” The gallery will also be having a draw as the conclusion of the membership drive. “On Feb. 28 we will be drawing for a dinner out in Penticton, one night out at the Lakeside Resort and Casino and dinner for two at Theo’s restaurant,” says Fogg. For more information contact Dawsha Hunt,

manager at Gallery 2, at 250-442-2211.