THE WAY IT WAS: String of dogs killed by poison continues as sixth found in 1961

1906: A severe earthquake destroyed two-thirds of the 47-square-mile area of San Francisco. Nearly 1,000 people were reported killed and damage estimated at $200 billion.

1911: Men’s spring suits were being advertised for sale from $12.50 to $35 for the very best models.

1916: Monty Mudge wrote his parents from a German prison camp and said he was in good condition.

1921: A new tower was built at the firehall to house the new siren.

1926: Efforts were made to set a price minimum of 15 cents a pound on copper, a price which would keep most of the B.C. mills in operation.

1931: H.B. Purdy, who is the owner of the Bridesville Hotel, has been making his establishment a big hit there with the addition of electric lights in every room as well as a radio in the lobby. Purdy has also acquired rights to have a beer parlor.

1936: W.H. Covert, who founded the famed Covert Estate orchard in the valley, died in California at the age of 93. He arrived in this district from New York State in 1895.

1941: Mayor Frank Miller sent a wire to the Lord Mayor of London, England, extending best wishes after staving off a bombing attacks.

1946: Dr. Truax, who has been practicing as a physician and surgeon in Grand Forks for the past 40 years, has disposed of his business to Dr. E.E. Tomashewsky.

1951: The total amount to be raised by the city for school taxes was $36,037.32, an increase of $66.70 from last year’s figure.

1956: W.A. McKay, the new game warden for the district, has purchased the F. Downey residence on First Street, just across the bridge.

1961: There was a rash of dog poisonings during the past six weeks in Grand Forks. Six dogs have fallen victim to the mysterious poisoner.

1971: Winning bronze centennial sports medallions at last week’s provincial bowling championships were: Bruce Madu, Keith McConkey, Les Acheson, Fred Soloveoff and Harry Rezansoff.

1976: Newly-elected officers of the Lions Club are: president Peter Bowen, 1st vice-president Chris Sorenson, secretary Rick Harder and treasurer Blair Macgregor.

1981: Soil stability tests and other on-site work took place Tuesday morning in preparation for the start of construction of the new 6,000 sq. ft. Grand Forks Public Library.

1986: Credit Union members learned that 1985 brought the final financial blow to many people going through difficult times. The Grand Forks Credit Union wrote off $445,646 worth of loans in the last fiscal year.

1991: Grand Forks resident Agnes Ruzicka recently became the first lucky player at Spokane Indian Bingo to win the $100,000 Mega Cash jackpot.

1996: Education Minister Paul Ramsey announced the Boundary school amalgamation of the two local districts to be in place by Dec. 1.

Citamard Theatre and the GFSS drama department present Fiddler on the Roof featuring a cast of students and community members.

2001: More than 400 people crowded into the USCC Community Centre Thursday evening for the Grand Forks District Savings Credit Union annual general meeting. They were told that one of the biggest and most challenging events of the past year for the credit union was the acquisition of the Bank of Montreal. Also, Cathy Manson was presented with a gift from the board commemorating her 25 years of service as general manager.

2006: A search of a vehicle by Canadian Customs Inspectors at the Cascade border crossing yielded a cache of child pornography.

The material was stored in computer equipment belonging to a 40-year-old New Mexico man.

Along with this father, the man was said to be transporting undisclosed items to Salmon Arm.