THE WAY IT WAS: Large exposed mineral vein discovered in 1916

A large fully exposed 100 ft. mineral vein was recently discovered by Ralph Wolverton in the canyon of the Kettle River, a few hundred feet above the electric plant at Cascade back in 1916.


N.L. McInnes of Nelson and the Hunter Bros. of Rossland have acquired the business of the Hunter-Kendrick Co. Mr. McInnes will be manager of the store.


Electrical irrigation began when water was turned into pipes on Cooper Brothers’ irrigation system Thursday afternoon with the entire system working in first class style.


A large fully exposed 100 ft. mineral vein was recently discovered by Ralph Wolverton in the canyon of the Kettle River, a few hundred feet above the electric plant at Cascade.


Arrangements have been completed whereby the famous “Sunnyside” fruit farm, owned by the Canadian Bank of Commerce, is acquired by Captain A.D. Barff, R.N., of England.


Several members of the Penticton tennis club were entertained by the local club in a friendly tournament, when Penticton won nine and Grand Forks, four events.


The brazen coolness of the theft of a new sedan car from the show window of the Grand Forks Garage was second only to the stupidity of the thief in his attempt to get away with it. Arthur Thomas, caught at Missoula, Montana, about 500 miles away, received three years in prison.


With short crops in the United States and in the drought areas of the prairies, the price of potatoes has climbed from $20 to $45 in a short time, a record for many years. There are indications that the price will yet go higher.


Grand Forks gave a most cordial welcome to the Kitsilano Boys’ Band of Vancouver, when an audience of 1,000 people were at the school grounds.


Work started on the hard surfacing of the road from the Cascade Customs to the Southern Trans-Provincial Highway.


Mrs. Patricia McMahon of Oliver received a sentence of three months on a charge of theft from the Cascade Coffee shop. She was given an additional six months for crashing the customs gate when she tried to run the border in a vehicle in which she had hitched a ride.


An extensive B.C. Telephone Co. project of placing new aerial wire and cable in Greenwood exchange is almost complete, with the $19,000 job enabling more Greenwood and Midway residents to receive telephone service.


A forest fire has swept through 1,200 acres of timberland up the North Fork, in one of the worst fires in recent years.

A bylaw drawn up by the city office for the change of street names has been approved by the registrar in Kamloops.


It was announced by Sergei Relkoff, general manager of Sunshine Valley Cooperative Society, that the total of dividends being paid this year amounts to $17,955.65.


Stan Owen of the Boundary Motorcycle Club won the 250 cc junior event in the moto-cross races held here recently.


According to the June census, the population of Greenwood has increased from 868 in 1971 to 919 in 1976. Midway’s population now stands at 592, as compared to 502.


City council has voted to donate the required land in the arena area to the aquatic centre should the centre be constructed.


A little two-horse town came to life Aug. 1 – 4 when almost 500 people gathered at the Bridesville Homecoming, some staying only a few hours, others camping over the four days.


Matt Shaw, assistant professional at the Christina Lake Golf Course, last week shot a course record of 64, breaking the previous record of 66. Matt shot a 31, six under par, on the front and 33, two under par, on the back.


While Grand Forks City Council unanimously passed a resolution calling for a referendum question to be included in the November municipal elections, on raising the maximum funding for the Grand Forks and District Library from $200,000 to $300,000, directors from the RDKB areas C and D turned it down.


Suppression efforts have been increased to both sides of the 49th Parallel this week as several large forest fires burn out of control, searing thousands of trees and sending smoke and ash into the skies over Grand Forks, Christina Lake and the surrounding area.


Local martial artist Tess Noren is in Australia competing in the Shoto-Cup,  a world Shotokan Karate competition which boasts a high level of skill and technique.

She says she doesn’t want to reduce Shotokan to “sport status” though and would rather promote it as a lifestyle that strengthens character and health.