Terasen Gas changes name

Terasen Gas will now be known as FortisBC. The company is changing the name of the gas to match the rest of its operations.

Not much will change aside from the name on the bill and the side of the trucks, assures Nancy MacLeod, manager of corporate communications at FortisBC.

“It’s essentially business as usual in that gas customers will continue to get a gas bill and an electric bill,” MacLeod says. “But both of the bills will come from FortisBC.”

The FortisBC logo has also been updated.

“This just allows us to bring all of the operations a bit closer under a shared name,” she says.

MacLeod says the gas and electric operations when combined, deliver more energy than any other B.C. utility and will allow them to align their strengths and resources over time to offer better solutions to their customers.

The company also wants to make sure that people in communities, including Grand Forks, know about the change.

“We just want to make sure that they recognize that when someone comes to their door with a FortisBC logo on their service truck or something like that, they know that that’s their natural gas provider,” she adds, “And not think it’s someone else.”

The customer and emergency numbers will not change and are still operational.

Other cosmetic changes include new signs on facilities and buildings, new work wear for employees and a new website, which is www.fortisbc.com.

The change took affect on March 1 and will affect the Fortis companies in B.C., which were known by several names, such as Terasen Gas Inc., Terasen Gas (Vancouver Island) Inc., Terasen Gas (Whistler) Inc.

They will all be known as FortisBC now, though will still be separate legal entities.