Regular bus reoute pending

Grand Forks is waiting for B.C. Transit to determine if a regular bus route would benefit residents

The Environment Committee put forth a recommendation to establish a bus route through the city of Grand Forks in a recent city council meeting.

A recent survey conducted by B.C. Transit will determine if there is enough interest of ridership from residents.

Coun. Gene Robert mentioned that another motion put forth included seasonal transit system that will take residents to Trail for health tests or visiting specialists.

“At UBCM, we had a meeting with Interior Health and we brought up seasonal transit to Trail and they seemed quite interested,” said Robert. “Mayor Taylor, Lynne Burch and myself are meeting Ingrid Hampf (of Interior Health) on Oct. 26  to talk about volunteer drivers and the potential of this project.”

Robert has hopes that they will get a response before the New Year, but the Environment Committee has yet to receive a yes from anybody yet.

Once the survey results are determined, B.C. Transit will return with recommendations.

“This is a partnership between B.C. Transit and Interior Health,” explained Robert. “The Environment Committee would like to see the results of the survey conducted here.”

Residents that Robert has mentioned the idea to have been very accepting, and he would like to thank all the volunteer drivers.

“We have a lot of volunteers in the community who drive during the winter to take people to the Trail Hospital on those very hazardous snow passes,” praised Robert. “This will compliment their efforts, but not eliminate them.”

For now, Robert is putting the concept out there and seeing where it lands.