Jogas throws down Christmas Hamper gauntlet again

Jogas challenged other businesses to get involved with the Community Christmas Hamper program

Donna Soviskov (left) and Karren Donald would like to see businesses in the area bringing in big Christmas hampers.

The Community Christmas Hamper program has begun again and a business in Grand Forks is once again wondering which business can “bring it.”

Just like last year, Donna Soviskov and Jogas Espresso Café, are asking which businesses in Grand Forks – and Rock Creek and Midway this year – can bring in the biggest Christmas hamper.

“We just want to issue a challenge to all the businesses for the Christmas hampers,” Soviskov said.

“I’d like other businesses in town to help out because the Christmas hamper people are going to have a tougher time this year.”

Soviskov also is hoping businesses can donate an item towards a gift basket that the winning business will receive.

“We’re expecting to do about 300 hampers this year, we’ll start packing on Dec. 12 and the first hampers will go out on Dec. 16 and we’ll be wrapped up by Dec. 23,” explained Karren Donald, community care co-ordinator for the Gospel Chapel.

“We really need extras, things like tinned ham, tinned fruits, soups and extras like foil for the families that are doing turkeys or the foil pans or paper towels or even like fancy napkins, candy canes, sweets, chocolates, flavoured coffee, herbal teas – things that normally can’t be managed throughout the year but will make their (holiday) a little more special.”

Deliveries can be dropped off to the Gospel Chapel in Grand Forks (7048 Donaldson Drive) between Dec. 12 and 22 for weighing.

Donald said that approximately 284 hampers went out last year and of that number, there were 274 children –  she added that hot chocolate, cereals, cheese and cracker packages, are amongst the food items that children enjoy.

“We’re setting our target; we’re thinking about 300. This goes from Paulson Bridge up to Bridesville, up to Beaverdell and Carmi,” Donald said.

There will be other incentives for businesses to take part; people from businesses that are enthusiastic could get a free meal.

“The person from a business who is enthusiastic and just gives ’er and tells everyone about the Christmas hampers and the need will get a free lunch at Jogas,” Soviskov said, adding that Donald would be the judge.

Businesses that take part will have their names included in the Grand Forks Gazette’s Christmas hamper ads that will appear during the hamper campaign.