International Women’s Day 2011

Sheila Dobie (left) and Dena Wakabayashi.

Sheila Dobie (pictured left) presents Dena Wakabayashi with the Inspiring Friend award at the  Outstanding Women of the Boundary awards at the Seniors’ Centre in Grand Forks on March 8, the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.

Awards were given out in these categories:

Community Leader: Joan Thompson, Cathy Straume, Sandy MacKelir, Christie Halvorson, Julie Damore, Helen Idler, Kate Haddow, Lorraine Dick.

Inspiring Friend: Linda Southwick, Dena Wakabayashi

Healthy Role Model: Donna Draper, Gyllian Davies

Woman in Business: Marie Seymour, Melon Durand, Alyssa Milne

Youth: Amanda Thate