Friendship can endure over long-distance

Kenny and Tim have been friends since 1996 and continue to be friends despite Tim moving away.

Kenny and Tim (a.k.a. Spike).

Kenny and Tim (a.k.a. Spike) have been friends since 1996.

They got to know each other at a parts store here in town where Tim worked.

It was no surprise, with his fascination with trucks, that Ken also took a liking to the jacked up Chevy truck that Tim drove to work.

With every new detail that Tim put on the truck, and with his ever-changing “hair spikes,” Kenny would have some jokes for Tim.

Kenny and “Spike” could be seen in the truck known as “white lightning” cruising the Grand Forks strip.

Tim, Kenny and their buddies would also work on the Chevy in the shop enjoying a “cold beverage or two.”

As the years went on, Tim got married and eventually transferred to a Kamloops parts store but Kenny and Tim made sure that their connection continued.

Kenny often phones “Spike” and they make plans for when he’s in town.

Even if they haven’t spoken, Kenny seems to know when Tim has arrived back in town before anyone else.

Very shortly after Tim rolls in, Kenny will be over at the shop to catch up.

For Tim’s family, Kenny has just become part of their “shop times” and holiday meals.

Time goes on and people sometimes move away from small towns such as Grand Forks, however, guys like Kenny and Tim still hang out, working on trucks, and enjoying a few drinks together. Despite the distance, friendship can endure.