DEC. 26 THUMBS UP AND THUMBS DOWN: Thumbs down to the Mayan calendar

Thumbs down to the Mayan calendar. For getting people worked up for nothing.

Thumbs Up: Thank you to Buy-Low, Extra Foods, Overwaitea and all of the dedicated volunteers that made the National Child Day Family Fun Event a success.

Thumbs Down: People on the coast who complain about “snow.” One can only imagine what they would say in the West Kootenay or Boundary.

Thumbs Up: Boundary Community Food Bank past-president Deb Billwiller, who just received a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal.

Thumbs Down: People who take corners fast in the snow in their vehicles. You could easily hit someone.

Thumbs Up: The organizers and volunteers of the Community Christmas Dinner.

Thumbs Down: American shipping companies. Christmas has past and I still haven’t received my parcels yet.

Thumbs Up: Time off and holidays at Christmas and the new year.  It’s a time to recharge the batteries.

Thumbs Down: To Grinches and people who think like them.

Thumbs Up: Turkey, stuffing, egg nog and the trimmings for tasting so good.

Thumbs Down: The weight-gain the turkey and trimmings cause.

Thumbs Up: New year’s resolutions.

Thumbs Down: Trying to keep resolutions.

Thumbs Up: To all who put on and performed in Christmas concerts, whether young or old. You really added to the festive atmosphere in the area.

Thumbs Down: To the Mayan calendar. For getting people worked up for nothing.

Thumbs Up: All that contributed to the Grand Forks Gazette’s Christmas supplement, it looks great thanks to your assistance.

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