CRAFTY CORNER: Make small picture ornaments for Christmas

Creating crafty ornaments out of paper and old pictures for Christmas.

These crafts make for good Christmas ornaments.

When I was growing up, we did our share of stringing popcorn and such.

When my children were young I passed the fun on to them. We would make a big pot of hot chocolate, a plate of cookies and spend an evening making strings of popcorn and cranberries.

For several years, we made something different to go on the tree. One year it was all dried fruit – we took tree outside after New Year’s Day and left it up for the birds; we had as much fun watching all of them as we did making it.

We cut out old Christmas cards and made tags, we strung fishing line through cotton balls to make it look like snowballs falling off the tree, and numerous other things.

One of the kid’s favorite was the age-old paper chain.  I got to thinking about how I could update an old craft, so here goes with my idea. One of the crafts we did was cutting circles from old cards and gluing them on to strings of wool to make a colourful garland.

My idea started out with using wool, punching out a half-inch (1.27-cm) circles and gluing them back-to-back with the wool sandwiched in between.

The project has become something a little different, I used sparkly paper circles and ended up with my circles layered with a circle punched out of pictures that I took this year and then sandwiched them on to ribbon to create an ornament.

If you are anything like me, you will have an abundance of pictures taken so far away that only you would know what they are – these are some of the ones I used.

Some were of friends when we attended a company picnic and some are from our family fishing derby barbecue we hosted. It has been fun project looking through photos and remembering as if it all happened yesterday.

Assembling is basically as shown in the photos, starting with folding an inch (2.54 cm) of one end of a six-inch (15.24 cm) piece of ribbon and taping it in place with a small piece of double-sided tape, continue as shown. I am going to hang mine with a small wire ornament hanger, as soon as I buy some. Have fun.

– Darlainea Redlack has taught a variety of crafting courses across the Boundary and is circulation co-ordinator for the Grand Forks Gazette.