BETHS seeking evening volunteers

Boundary Emergency and Transitional Housing Society (BETHS) is seeking volunteers to cover the evening shift

The Boundary Emergency and Transitional Housing Society (BETHS) is looking volunteers to help during the night shift.

Shelter co-ordinator Tonya Galloway is currently the only daytime staff member and explained that the society is looking for overnight volunteers.

“We’re looking for anyone interested in

volunteering (to do) shifts at the shelter,” said Galloway.

“It would be a six-hour shift from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.”

Galloway said that anyone interested should contact her for more details.

“Potential volunteers should be 18 years or older,” she clarified.

BETHS is an extreme weather response facility shelter that provides a place for men, women and families to stay during wet and cold weather.

Operating out of the Grand Forks Christian Centre, BETHS opened last February and is a 24-hour emergency shelter.

“There’s this really big misconception that it’s just for men and it’s not,” stated Galloway. “This is an extreme weather service so women are welcome too.”

The shelter is open now until the end of March.

“Because we are an extreme shelter, it’s called a low-barrier shelter, it’s contingent on extreme weather, which is considered below zero-degrees,” explained Galloway.

“We will be open until it goes to above 0 at night or March, whichever comes first.”

BETHS focus is to “offer safe alternate housing solutions for those in need” and guests are provided an evening snack, a place to sleep and breakfast in the morning.

For those interested in volunteering or for more information on BETHS, contact Galloway at 250-584-4671 or