20th anniversary for Grand Forks Art Gallery’s Wine Tasting

Gallery 2's wine tasting fundraiser event is entering its 20th year with wines and spirits from across the province.

Dawsha Hunt explained that the decorations will start to go up next week

It’s the 20th Annual Wine Tasting at Gallery 2, where everyone is able to swirl locally prepared wine and enjoy the incoming festive atmosphere.

Dawsha Hunt, one of the organizers, said the Wine Tasting is a fundraiser for the Grand Forks Art Gallery Society.

“We’re pretty pleased that we’re able to keep it going that long,” she said. “It started off very low-key and small, to become quite a monster.”

This year there will be 11 wineries and two specialties, including a brewery and spirits. Local food producers will also be in attendance to show off their products.

“We also prepare many treats and sweets (for the event) … which we’re quite well known for,” said Hunt.

All the wines are local B.C. products, explained Hunt.

“That’s another thing we’re quite happy and proud about, the fact that we’re showcasing B.C. products,” she continued. We’ve thought in the past to go to some international products and we may go that way in the future, but for 20 years it’s been all B.C. products.”

Grand Forks Art Gallery Society is part of Gallery 2 for art and history, including the shop and visitors centre.

“We decorate this place from top to bottom in holiday finery, including a 15-foot tree so it’s kind of our kick off to the season,” stated Hunt. “It’s a chance for people to get really swanked up, we have tuxedos and ball gowns, but it’s also OK to be casual.”

This is the largest fundraiser that the Art Gallery Society hosts.

“The community and the wineries (are) very supportive of it,” stated Hunt. “We have (some) wineries that have been with us for all 20 years like Gehringer Brothers from the Oliver-Osoyoos area.”

Lesley Matthews, a volunteer with the Art Gallery, said she’s attended several events.

“When my kids are home it’s a real treat because I bring them along and they really enjoy it,” stated Matthews. “Everybody is just in a fantastic mood; the wine is great, the laughter is flowing and it’s just a very nice atmosphere.”

Matthews pointed out her brother and sister-in-law from Kelowna have been attending the event for the last three years.

Since the location moved from the basement in the library to the former courthouse, the Wine Tasting has expanded from one floor of the building to both.

“The backdrop is amazing, so even if we didn’t decorate, the building is stunning,” said Hunt.