Cycle for Fun selected for award

Cycle for Fun was nominated for Deal of the Year for selling recumbent bicycles

Bill Wilby on a recumbent bicycle.

Cycle for Fun has only been in business since December 2010 but has already been nominated as Dealer of the Year by the Recumbent Cycle-Con Convention and Trade Show.

“We were one in 40 people (nominated) for being dealer of the year,” said co-owner Bill Wilby. “Two were in Canada and 40 throughout the world. I thought it was nice for being recognized for what we’ve done so far because we actually hadn’t been in business for the full year.”

Owners Wilby and Sandra Elnarson started the business last year and sell two different brands of recumbent bicycles.

“One of them is a full recumbent bicycle and the other is a semi-recumbent,” said Wilby.

Recumbent bicycles are different compared to a mountain or road bicycle due to their seating position.

“It offers full back support and on a much more comfortable seat,” explained Wilby. “There are lots of advantages to them and they’ve been around for hundreds of years but they’re still not all that common.”

Wilby stated there are many reasons recumbent bicycles aren’t popular, but one of the biggest is that conventional bike shops focus more on road and mountain bikes.

“The niche for us is that because conventional bike shops don’t tend to stock them, show them, shelve them, it gives others an opportunity to do something neat,” said Wilby. “All the world speed records are held by recumbent bicycles, and they’re more efficient and better for your body.”

Cycle for Fun is a home-based business that works through an online-presence.

“Our customer base this year was from Sudbury to Victoria,” stated Wilby.

Recumbent bicycles can be seen at the storefront window at 535 Market Avenue.

For more information, visit or contact Wilby at